Healing Historic Racial Trauma & Adverse Experiences

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Healing Pathways

“… you are not defective, you are protective – something has happened to you. There is a difference.” 

Ressma Menaken – My Grandmother’s Hands
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Come, walk with me. I am a tiler of souls, an Afrofuturist, and a womanist. In this current journey, I continue to understand the importance of owning my life, soul, joy, and the collective future. Now, I champion others’ to do the same by recalling their Divine birthright- as a blessing. Together, we invoke your higher self to reconcile the past hurts of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), intergenerational shame, bereavement, scarcity, and toxic racial stress. 


I blend 40 years of professional and lived experiences as a mother, a grandmother, a partner, a wife, a solo parent, an artist, a community-based social worker, a school-based clinician, adjunct faculty, and a psychotherapist in private practice with the principles of Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Abolitionism, and methods of ancestral communal healing. This work/journey helps decolonize what we have been taught to think about race, class, emotional wellness, healing, empowerment, and liberation.


What if I could remind you that your life is a blessing, a gift to be savored, not labored- Our natural state of our soul seeks to THrive. I want to help foster your innate healing and truth from the inside out! The real question is, are you ready to stop and pause- chilaxe, and slow down enough to claim your God-given space as your divine birthright? Know this. I got you, and together we got this! 


~In love, Peace, Joy & Prosperity,  Keita

Aše, Amen, Aho.`


THrive African Indigenous Latin Asian & BIPOC Youth!

Using an embodied liberation framework to help young people (13-22 yrs) explore racial identity, ancestry and the ability to unpack/discover their talents, spirituality, and visions in alignment with life/career goals. This work addresses the dynamics of adoption, foster care, and biracial identity. Support is provided for BIPOC queer-identified /exploring/questioning & gender-diverse youth.

BiPOC & ALANA Staff & Student Support

Individualized care/support for African Latina/o Native American Asian (ALANA) and Black Indigenous People of Color (BiPOC) students or staff as social justice organizers, staff, students, DEI /racial equity/ diversity officers, social workers, educators, and more, while navigating all White organizations/ communities or navigating within BiPOC organizations/communities managing the effects of internalized racial oppression.

Somatic Abolitionists Rise!

Are you ready to Walk the Talk? White body culture support through compassion fatigue, secondary racial trauma, and improving relations with ALANA/BiPOC bodies of culture ​as parents, partners, spouses, friends, neighbors, practitioners, educators, employers, and more.

Organizational DEI & Racial Equity Consultations

Offering support to help organizations, groups, and institutes of higher education to slow to build a conscious practice for moving through compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic racial stress, and policies, procedures, and mediation, regarding race, DEI, BIPOC staff/student support, recruitment, and retention

THrive African Indigenous Latin Asian & BIPOC People!

Intergenerational ancestral healing is not radical. It's a natural state of being in alignment with Divine purpose. Keita works with you to reclaim/remember your body and soul's language and traditional wisdom.


Hello Beautiful, We are healing Black Wombmen by, for, and about Black Wombmen. "IONA" is a Gullah Geechee interpretation (Daughters of the Dust), meaning "I -Own -Her, "representing a time when Black mothers during the era of Reconstruction could finally own their daughters- their kin. Keita developed IONA to celebrate the legacies of spiritual wisdom, roots-healing, creativity, resilience, ingenuity, steadfastness, and entrepreneurship of Phenomenal THriving Black Indigenous Wombmen. Aše

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