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"... you are not defective, you are protective - something has happened to you. There is a difference.”

Ressma Menaken - My Grandmother's Hands

THrive is NOT Therapy, It's Restoritive Justice in the Body

I created Ready, Set, THrive! LLC in 2016 using a holistic embodied womanist lens. As a THrive practitioner I offer culturally specific and body-centered practices to explore racialized adversities and lived experiences of trauma caused by race, class, identity, genocide, and historical grief/shame. THrive® is NOT therapy, because you are not difficult, “broken", "defective,” or damaged goods.

BIPOC, It's Time to Embrace THriving as your Birthright!

I offer specific support for Black & Brown identified wombmen & BIPOC youth. I use a range of practices promoting a felt-sense of liberation, wellness, pride, and joy, which redefines power and empowerment from within. This creates space- the choice to embrace THriving as a birthright, your authentic state of being.We heal when we remember choice to heal our relations with ourselves.
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What Does Liberation Feel Like in the Communal Body?

Liberation begins when we choose to heal our relations between each other in the now, now time signature. Vibrationally we heal individually and communally, which heals the world around us, including our shared, collective, historical and intergenerational wounds. By learning how to address our individual and collective unconscious pain – bodies, we begin to identify holding patterns locked deep within in our hearts, psyches and souls, which cause us to act out sideways as internalized oppression or vertical and horizontal wounding's.

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