Keita Annie Whitten Foster

THrive Consultant



i am, I Create, I Heal

Did you Know You Were Born to THrive?

Too often we confuse living with surviving. We learn to play small, be safe, fit in. We learn to survive oppression, trauma, our identities, and adversities.
We even believe we must earn or be worthy of love, respect, or dignity. 

What if I told you are a gift, a divine expression of love? 

What if I told YOU – you were born perfect whole and complete- just as you are? And, what if I could show you how you have learned to clip your wings, even before your journey began? The real question is are you ready to stop, slow down, and let go of what no longer serves you? And, if so, are you Ready to THrive? …Yes!? Then, I got you. My name is Keita (Kay-ta). I am the Tiller of the Soil & Soul and I look forward to working with you.  And, together We Got This!

… because

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