Keita A Whitten Foster & Ready, Set, THrive!

Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor

Thought Leader, Cultural Broker, Orator, Consultant, Life Coach,
Somatic Abolitionist, Artistá

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Healing Pathways

“… you are not defective, you are protective – something has happened to you. There is a difference.” 

Ressma Menaken – My Grandmother’s Hands
Welcome! It's Time to Get Busy!

Hello and welcome. I am so glad your search landed you here. I work with people from various lifestyles, cultures, and identities to deconstruct internal assumptions, contradictions, and limiting beliefs that cause self, social, and environmental harming behaviors. 


I offer over 30 years of professional and lived experiences in social work, higher education, community and school-based mental health, private practice, community organizing, and performance arts, working with individuals, organizations, and systems.


My methods are journeys designed to help you unpack, decolonize, and discharge what we have embodied and socially internalized to think, feel, understand, and behave about race, class, and othering. 


My success rate are in the testimonies of the people and organizations I have worked with, who remind me how important it is to help people move through adversities so they can THrive!


Know this, I got you, and together we got this!  

 Aše, Amen, Áho ~ Keita


Yes! BIPOC Youth, THrive!

Keita uses an embodied framework designed explicitly for African Indigenous Latin Asian & BiPOC youth (13-22 yrs) exploring racial identity, ancestry, spirituality, life/career goals, adoption, foster care, biracial identity, queer-identified and exploring/questioning), gender diversity, and the dynamics of being Indigo, gifted & talented.

Individualized Leadership Development, Support & Success for *BiPOC/*ALANA Staff and Students

Somatic coaching services for organizations and institutions of higher education wanting to reduce burnout, support retention, and sustain recruitments by investing in staff success for their social justice organizers, DEI staff, diversity officers, social workers, and BIPOC staff/students navigating the effects toxic racial stress and compassion fatigue. *ALANA (African Latina/o Native American Asian) and BiPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color).

White Body Culture Emancipation

Are you in meaningful relations with ALANA/BiPOC bodies of culture ​as parents, partners, spouses, co- workers, friends, neighbors, practitioners, educators, or employers and feel overwhelmed by compassion fatigue or secondary traumatic racial stress?

Organizational Diversity, Racial Equity, and Inclusion Conflict Management

A somatic approach to diversity, racial equity, inclusion, and multicultural staffing for boards of directors, philanthropists, human resource directors, vice presidents, deans, directors of student affairs, board of trustees, presidents' staff groups, and institutes of higher education, addressing internal matters, policies, practices, and procedures regarding race, diversity, equity, inclusion, racial biases, mediation, and BIPOC staff/student support, recruitment, and retention.

Its Time To THrive!

Somatic intergenerational ancestral healing is not radical. For African Indigenous Latin Asian & BIPOC people, the act of remembering is reclaiming your body's resiliency, your soul's language, and your traditional wisdoms. This includes organizations, and communities of color wanting to heal the effects of internalized racial trauma and oppression that get in the way of progress and reenvisioning .


Hello Beautiful, We are healing Black Wombmen by, for, and about Black Wombmen. "IONA" is a Gullah Geechee interpretation (Daughters of the Dust), meaning "I -Own -Her, "representing a time when Black mothers during the era of Reconstruction could finally own their daughters and themselves. Keita developed IONA to acknowledge and teach embodied legacies of spiritual wisdom, roots-healing, creativity, resilience, ingenuity, steadfastness, and entrepreneurship of Phenomenal THriving Black Indigenous Wombmen. Aše

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