Keita A Whitten

You live your best life!

Welcome to Conscious Identity Development for Heart-Centered Living, formally known as Redefining Therapy, LLC.  Heart-centered living is based on the harmonious relationship between your mind, body, and soul.

As a Conscious Identity Life Coach, I provide customized support for all women and female youth addressing relations, transitions, leadership, and to heal soul wounds afflicted by ACES and racialized trauma. I believe we are returning the ability to thrive as intended by Spirit. This work builds elevated consciousness, capacity, and cohesion needed to sustain equilibrium in the minds, bodies, souls, and spirits of all relations.

As a consultant, I offer Somatic Racial Healing Experiences for groups and organizations. Many diversity/ social justice/ racial equity training begins with a psychosocial 101 approach to race, privilege, and power.  Using a cultural somatic framework, I teach how to build and sustain authentic relationships while moving through triggers connected to beliefs, values, tensions, and experiences that get in the way of one’s ability to unpack race.