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“We are so much more than our pain bodies, our race, gender, culture, religion, or class. We are diverse expressions of life, interdependent and coexisting multidimensionally in mind, body, sound, energy & soul. We tend to forget we are beautiful expressions of perfect love. I am charged with reminding you, reminding us we are the light we seek. We are spiritual gifts to the world; we are AGAPE love in action reflecting God’s love back to each other and the world around us.”
~Keita A. Whitten MSW, LCSW IMG_0546 2


Your journey towards healing soul wounds begins here. 

Redefining Therapy was created based on a conscious decision to offer you a specific quality of care that is not determined by your insurance company. Keita A Whitten is a graduate of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Inst. with over 300+hrs in trauma-specific training based on the life work of Peter Lavine. She specializes in complex trauma and grief, ACES, and offers Post – Trauma: Conscious Identity Development (CID) Life Coaching. 

People chose to work with Keita because they are frustrated with traditional therapy and want a more inclusive and holistic approach to building emotional and mental wellness. Keita is not a therapist. She is an LCSW trauma specialist.

With modern conveniences like Teletherapy or Telehealth, Keita works with clients in any setting, location, state or country. This is life-changing work at the 600 level offering comprehensive results. The question is… 

Are you ready to thrive?

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