Healing Historic Racial Trauma & Adverse Experiences

“… you are not defective, you are protective – something has happened to you. There is a difference.” 

Ressma Menaken – My Grandmother’s Hands

THrive is NOT Therapy, It's Restorative Justice in the Body

After working with a trauma "informed" lens in community mental health and private practice for over two decades, I began to understand racial terror is the definition of racial trauma. Racial trauma accounts for all acts of genocide, terror, and institutional racism created over centuries causing developmental, intergenerational wounds of the soul of within all bodies of cultures. Today we (a nation) collectively carrying around these intergenerational wounds disguised as cultural norms. Wanting to interrupt this cycle and create opportunities to help address and heal these wounds, in 2016 I envisioned Ready, Set, THrive and began calling myself a THrive practitioner.

THrive offers a combination of embodied eco- holistic practices, individualized support, and educational circles to heal the effects of racial trauma. When we slow down, together we can embody the capacity to come together as individuals, communities, and organizations attending to the collective wounds of grief/ genocide/shame, which have become trapped within the soma ( the pain body). Left unattended, the soul wounds of the pain body will continue to act out sideways affecting all our relations. THrive® is NOT therapy, because you are not difficult, broken, "defective,” or damaged goods

Healing is Political

Hello phenomenonal self identified Black wombmen, communities of culture & BIPOC youthI blend a range of practices, experiences, and traditions to help cultivate within you a felt sense of love, choice, liberation, wellness, pride, and joy necessary to heal from the scars of racial terror and internalized racial oppression- aka“horizontal” wounding. These soul wounds cause sideways behaviors affecing you,  your kinships, family, and communal relations. I hold you in the ways our elders once held us – with ferice love and accountability to the life you chose.

A felt sense (embodied) liberation redefines, reclaims authentic power as choice. Our elders once taught us to choose our quality of life. 


Their secret was in the belief  to accept and embrace THriving as YOUR authentic birthright -a state of being, preordained by supreme design. 

Remember we are spirt, healing the soma of our lived experiences individually and collectively in the now, now time signature. And, I would love to assist you in this journey. Axé, Amen, Áhoe🙌🏽


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