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"... you are not defective, you are protective - something has happened to you. There is a difference.”

Ressma Menaken - My Grandmother's Hands

THrive is NOT Therapy, It's Restoritive Justice in the Body

I created Ready, Set, THrive! LLC in 2016 using a holistic embodied womanist lens. As a THrive practitioner I offer culturally specific and body-centered practices to explore racialized adversities and lived experiences of trauma caused by race, class, identity, genocide, and historical grief/shame. THrive® is NOT therapy, because you are not difficult, “broken", "defective,” or damaged goods.

Embrace THriving as your Birthright

I work with Black/ Brown women & BIPOC youth to embrace THriving as a birthright and authentic state of being. I created THrive® using a range of practices ranging from somatic movement to black wellness.

What does choice feel like in the body?

By addressing our unconscious pain – bodies, we can also begin to identify holding patterns locked in our hearts, psyches and soul. When we are THriving our bodies promotes a felt-sense of liberation and joy from within. We heal individually when we heal our relations with our selves. We heal communally when we heal our relations between each other, and the earth we share.

What People are Saying

Keita Annie Whitten Foster

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