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“… you are not defective, you are protective – something has happened to you. There is a difference.” 

Ressma Menaken – My Grandmother’s Hands

THrive is NOT Therapy, It's Restorative Justice in the Body

I created Ready, Set, THrive! LLC in 2016 using a holistic embodied womanist lens. As a THrive practitioner I offer culturally specific and body-centered practices to explore racialized adversities and lived experiences of trauma caused by race, class, identity, genocide, and historical grief/shame. THrive® is NOT therapy, because you are not difficult, “broken", "defective,” or damaged goods.

Healing is Political

Black Wombmen & BIPOC Youth, it's Time to Embrace THriving as your Birthright!

I offer specific support for Black & Brown identified wombmen & BIPOC youth.  I use a range of practices promoting a felt sense of liberation, wellness, pride, and joy, which redefines power and empowerment from within. This creates space- the choice to embrace THriving as a birthright, your authentic state of being. We heal when we remember that healing is possible within the soma of our lived experiences. 

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