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Annie Finch, Poet, Teacher, and Writer

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Keita is a deep healer and a powerful guide. She weaves a rare web of support, nurture, and empowerment that works its subtle magic at every level​. ​Consult​ing​ ​Keita​ in her beautiful, comforting haven​, I found nature, spirit, mind, body, ​will, and heart aligning to center me ​o​n ​my true path​.



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“I have the opportunity to tell somebody something or not tell them… my most favorite is playing a game when we end”

-10 years old 



Francesca Bailey, Owner of Kneading Knots, South Portland Maine

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“Love how you were able to make me feel comfortable opening up and you’re approach to therapy. I was able to find clarity after a few appointments with you and move on with my life in a healthier way, Thank you!”