nicole M for website“Working with Keita was a beautiful experience…During my session, things came up from my past that totally related to me current life experience. Keita stayed present with me as a guide and helped me as I I found clarity in what I needed as I journeyed through self- awareness to a place of rejuvenation. Much love to you Keita! 
~Nicole Mokeme, founder of The Art of Divine Living

Are you ready to thrive?

Part II: Conscious Identity Development (CID)A Renewal of The Heart


1 hr (60min)  + (90 min) sessions available        

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Keita developed CID to help people with histories of adversities or trauma rewrite their narrative with a renewed understanding of self, identity, and purpose based on grace, and humility.  More and more research confirms the heart is the brain of the body. Basically, what we feel is what we believe. A renewal of the spirit is a commitment and practice of grace, compassion, and forgiveness in action as Agape Love.

Keita finds this work especially supportive of creative types such as artists, musicians, writers and HSP’s. 

CID covers:

  • Discover/define your unique talents and gifts.

  • Explore and identify with your shadow self and recognize adverse patterns and behaviors that get in the way of your greater good.

  • Identify innate strengths and wisdom designed to support you in times of doubt.

  • I assist you in developing a practice for balancing spiritual values with physical/material demands.

  • Develop practices and routines to sustain your renewed consciousness.

  • Work on developing your innate embodied wisdom- a knowing based on a healthy relationship and practice walking in the light with God- as you define this.

  • To live knowing thriving and abundance are possible.

This is life-changing work are you ready to thrive?