A personal testimony
When I first opened my practice, I was excited about taking insurance- including Medicare and Maine care. I thought I was doing the right thing. I was providing access to all people. Within the first year of my practice, I quickly began to understand taking insurance payments for service meant there were practice limitations- anything outside of these guidelines was considered fraudulent. For example, I learned as a private practitioner I cannot go into homes or provide home visits. I cannot change my location or have multiple locations unless I go through a costly process of approval. I cannot bill to work with translators. To be reimbursed for working with an SE approach, I have to demonstrate a practice plan that illustrates successes based on the traditional sanctioned methods of practice that have measurable, quantifiable results. I began to realize how naïve I was.quickly. I also and began to understand why the quality of health and mental care and related professionals had declined over the past decade.  
 As a result, in 2018  I made a bold decision to no longer accept insurance of any kind. This decision did not come without its consequences. I have lost many valued clients who did not agree with the shift; some simply felt they did not have the means to continue the work. Today I am even more dedicated to the idea this work will be able to reach people in need. And I continue to work on ways to achieve this goal.


Did you know?…

1. Your therapist has to diagnose you to get you reimbursed.

One can appreciate the benefits of diagnosis as a tool for understanding and clarity. On the other hand, there is much research concerned with overdiagnosing and overmedication of people as a standard form of treatment for trauma and mental health.  Over-diagnosing disempowers, discredits, marginalizes, silences and ultimately limits one’s identity including potentials not yet revealed. Too often these diagnoses are used against your character used as stereotypes to define your identity or ability to perform.

2. Your records are not protected- in the ways you think

For example, although there is HIPPA compliance, with insurance your documents can be audited by a “claims specialists” and by a court order. This is just one of many examples. Working with me my files are just that- my records and they are entirely confidential documents that stay between you- the client- and myself in my office.

 3. Your insurance cost is high, and many therapists are not able to be paid.

Many people continue to complain about the rising cost of their insurance and the lack of quality of care. Additionally, many therapists are finding it harder and harder to comply with increasingly strict guidelines causing them to often provide services without payment. 

4. Insurance limits your options, the quality of your care is dictated by your insurance company

Consumers often complain about the limited choices offered by their providers for self-care and wellness. For example, services such as  Somatic Experience for Trauma,  Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture,  are not recognizable by the American Medical Association (AMA) as viable approaches for mental and physical health.

I made the conscious decision to not take insurance, which affords me the flexibility to provide you with a quality of care that is tailored to fit your needs not dictated by your insurance.

 This information is credited to and provided on the web by. What your therapist hasn’t old you about using insurance

Good News!…

You may be eligible to be reimbursed by your insurance provider for my services as an LCSW who operates outside your provider network provider- please contact your customer service representative for more details. 

Did you know can use your HSA ( Health Saving Account) to pay for services provided outside your PPO/ network like Redefining Therapy,  Massage, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Naturopathy.

[Personally, I have found it’s more helpful to have a catastrophic plan and have an HSA account to pay for the services of practitioners I  believe are invested in a partnership with me sustaining my health and well-being holistically.]


 Community involvement and being the good shepherd :

 I believe in social service & support- I support people helping people. Individually we can make a difference in the lives of others. Your contributions can help.

  • Consider purchasing an eGift Card gift/ donate it to provide access for another person.

  • Ask Redefining Therapy about accepting donations to help provide more opportunities for people to gain access to services.