Scheduling​, Cancellations, Fees & Refunds


Redefining Therapy, LLC. / Keita A. Whitten MSW, LCSW adheres to HIPPA compliance in the areas of confidentiality


Keita A. Whitten MSW, LCSW currently holds a valid license under the laws of the State of Maine.


On-Line Booking is available. Clients report how they like the convenience of being able to book, cancel or reschedule all appointments without having to contact me directly. 
Square Calendar:  When you schedule a *session, Square confirms your session and may collect payment in advance with Square invoicing. [I also accept cash and check to avoid the processing fee ]
IMPORTANT: when you book your session, please remember to bookmark/ archive your session. This makes it easier to locate in the event you need to cancel or reschedule. 
Square calendar will send you a reminder via text and email of your upcoming appointments.
The online booking system may require your credit/debit card info to confirm your session time. For your protection, all billing information is kept confidential and secure within Square
*First Sessions/orientation:  All work with Keita require a service agreement and registration. These forms will be sent to you via email when you schedule your first session and will need to be filled out and returned before your first session.
If there are any questions/challenges with scheduling a session, please click here to contact Keita Whitten directly 



48-hour (2 days) cancellation notice is required IMportant: Square indicates at least 24 hr notice- this is incorrect and a feature built into the software.
Cancellations made less than 48 Hrs (2 days)  are charged at 100% of the rate for your scheduled appointment via your billing info on file.[Please Note you can reschedule your sessions directly through your appointment reminder.  It is recommended to bookmark the page when if you need to reschedule/cancel a session.]


My services are typical $150 per hr. 
However, because I believe in the work of healing trauma holistic within a Somatic Experiencing framework, I offer a sliding fee scale for all trauma sessions starting at $80- $150 allowing you to determine your rate according to your circumstances.
In some cases, I am able to offer services to HEP members through Hour Exchange Portland.
Late Payments: If an agreement has been arranged and you (the Client) fails to pay Redefining Therapy, LLC. / Keita A. Whitten MSW, LCSW on-time per agreed upon payment schedule, the Redefining Therapy, LLC. / Keita A. Whitten MSW, LCSW may suspend work until these payments are brought current. If payments are delinquent for more than one month (30 days) unfortunately your bill be will be forward to a collection agency- this act may affect your credit score.
If you become involved in legal proceedings or require my services as an expert or advocate at work or school, my rate is $150 per hour.


No Refunds: All sales are final.  Redefining Therapy, LLC. / Keita A. Whitten MSW, LCSW will issue you a gift certificate if in the event a session is paid for and you their mind

Contacting Me + Emergency Procedures

I do not provide crisis or emergency intervention. If you are unable to reach me and feel that you cannot wait for me to return your call, please contact 9-1-1, your family physician or the nearest emergency room, and as for the clinician/psychologist/psychiatrist on call. You may also contact the crisis hotline at 1-888-568-1112. If you should be admitted to a hospital, please provide staff with my contact info and be sure to update me on your status – I will follow up with you.

Emergencies with myself:

If in the event of personal illness or an emergency (client related or personal) I will, or an associate will, contact you as soon as possible to cancel and reschedule your appointment. If you have a cell phone, you will receive a text and email message explaining the circumstances.

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