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From my training, and lived experience, I have created a healing path I call Ready, Set, THrive! This program is different because it not only supports you in clearing out what no longer works for you, it gets to the roots of what blocks your ability to actually THrive.

THrive is designed to  address the specific realities in the lived experiences of ALANA (Asian, Latinx, African, Native American) people- aka POC (People of Culture) communities, in addition to working in collaboration within a broader population of people and culture.


I believe you CAN do this. If you haven’t had the ability to do it yet, it’s not because you are lazy or afraid. It’s because you are conflicted and protective and have not yet been offered the right tools.

Using the tools of THrive,

+ I journey with you by invitation. Together we clear out what no longer works for you in order to create space for the new emerging self that has been waiting to become fulfilled and actualized.


+ I use your emotional body and soul as a guide, I work with you, not on you.


+ I consult with you and teach you about how trauma and adversity affect and live in the body and memories of the soul, and what you can do about it.


+ I counsel you to embrace a conscious heart-centered lifestyle that repairs all your relationships, especially the one with yourself.


+ We will unpack dirty pain by exposing  “normalized” behaviors we have come to accept as culture.


+ I help you unpack blocks and/or obstacles, which obstruct the creative process-your inner artist, writer, singer, and creativity.


+ I remind you that you are not broken, defected, confused, or damaged goods. We all struggle with some aspect of worthiness. It’s a necessary aspect to explore for our personal growth.


+ I use a womanist lens combined with a holistic trauma informed somatic framework to journey with you.


+ You will find out clearing and healing will restore vitality, energy and the ability to reclaim and champion the I AM of your soul, which then reveals the talents, strengths, and purpose Creator intended for you.

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