1 hr (60min)  + (90 min) sessions available

Keita combines Somatic Touch and Restorative Yoga to help alleviate the symptoms of PTSD and chronic stress which are taxing on the nervous and autoimmune systems of your body.  

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“Keita has worked with me for a few years on some very, very deep and difficult issues. She has worked with me rather than “on “me. She is a mentor, and I am honored to be working with her.”  
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Somatic Touch and Restorative Yoga

 In an office or home setting, I use the techniques of gentle, restorative yoga combined with SE touch therapy to help settle and soothe a frayed nervous symptom. A settled nervous system is a healing system. This work is essential for transforming the physical effects of trauma in the body and for working with highly sensitive (HSP) / anxious nervous systems. Somatic touch is not energy work (Reiki)- I do not do something to you. Somatic-touch can be described similar to cranial sacral therapy.

The concept of physical touch comes from the radical work of somatic experiencing touch therapy. Somatic practitioners trained in somatic-touch learn the brain and skin come from the same mother cell. Therefore, your skin is also considered an eternal nervous system. Somatic touch practitioners work from the understanding that our skin is the outer surface of our brain and operate as a single unit. Working with PTSD, chronic stress, anxiety, depression or grief, this aspect of my work can focus on honoring the alignment of a healthy nervous system without going into the story. Working with Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and organic intelligence (your body’s wisdom) we begin to support your nervous system in creating coherence, settling, and restoration. Other benefits of a settled nervous system include the ability to reduce inflammation- inflammation is how the body stores tensions, and stress, i.e., trauma. This work can feel supportive and simulate a variety of emotional or physiological responses to help quickly release deep emotions or tensions in a way cognitive-behavioral models cannot.

This is life-changing work at the 600 level, are you ready?

*This is offered in an office/home setting- Depending on your location a private session may be offered +travel fee