No Traveling Involved!

waiting area“I love that you offer this!  There is no other way I could have worked with you. My schedule is busy enough having to travel for work, from work, and back home. Not having to go to another appointment is perfect for me.” [Client, Maine]
Picture1.png“Clients often report they love their online sessions because they feel like I am there with them in their home and this helps them to practice creating slowing down to create sacred space within their own environments- wherever they are!” Keita W.

Sessions online via Telehealth/ Teletherapy is not new. This service began over 40 years ago in hospital care settings to help individuals in remote geographic locations gain better access to healthcare services.

Telehealth is now integrated into various healthcare settings throughout the country including mental health (psychiatry and psychology) as an improved way to hold services without having to travel.  According to the American Telemedicine Association, Telehealth, Teletherapy or Telemedicine is becoming an effective delivery of health-related services exchanged over a variety of applications and telecommunications technology worldwide. 

On the internet, you can find numerous online therapy services. However, these options are managed more like companies, employing clinicians’ statewide, who are warehoused and randomly assigned to clients. Working directly with Keita means the ability to develop a personal relationship based on consistency, rapport, and reciprocity. Another direct advantage of telehealth can be the reduction in overhead cost, which Keita passes on to her clients in the way of service plan discounts and sliding fees.    

Redefining Therapy LLC uses a platform called Vsee for individual sessions, including coaching and consultations. Unlike Skype or FaceTime, Vsee is a secure HIPPA compliant interface, and free for the client to use with their provider. Vsee is an effortless application. You simply download the application onto your desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad, Notebook, or smartphone.

You can also choose to have your sessions by phone or cell phone. Landlines are best, but not preferable. 

*Depending on your location or situation, sometimes home visits can be arranged + travel fee.