Keita A Whitten Foster

Titler of the Soul!

Embodied Practices for Collective Understanding + Communal Liberation


Keita A Whitten Foster

Keita A Whitten Foster

Thrive Practioner


“Mental Health and a peace about things that happen in life are important to me. I have tried numerous methods of therapy in my life, all of which were what I needed at that time. Dr.  Keita Whitten’s method is exactly what I needed at this time in my life. The beginning and ending grounding and meditation not only got me ready for the session but it is also something I carry through the day with me. She teaches self-love and acceptance and kindly reminds us of our core value system which helps us understand why we react a certain way. Her method helped me understand my emotions and then accept them, which is really what life is all about. I am very appreciative for everything she instilled in me. Thank you”
~Lori, Maine Hour Exchange member
I met with Keita right before entering a month-long cleanse. Working with Keita was a beautiful experience.  Her space is clean and peaceful, and her presence immediately helped me feel calm. During my session, things came up from my past that totally related to me current life experience. Keita stayed present with me as a guide and helped me as I I found clarity in what I needed as I journeyed through self- awareness to a place of rejuvenation. Much love to you Keita!!
~Nicole Mokeme, founder of The Art of Divine Living

nicole M for website

…The therapy you provided helped me through a period of very difficult transition, and I do look forward to working with you again.
annie finch“Keita is a deep healer and a powerful guide. She weaves a rare web of support, nurture, and empowerment that works its subtle magic at every level. Consult ing Keita in her beautiful, comforting haven, I found nature, spirit, mind, body, will, and heart aligning to center me on my true path.”
~Annie Finch, Poet, Teacher, and Writer
“As a clinician myself in the area it can be hard to find the right connection when my own need for therapy arises.  Wow, I felt like I hit the jackpot on our first session.  Keita takes the time to check in on all levels, cognitively, emotionally, energetically and this makes the work fast and profound.  I would recommend her to my closest family and friends and at times I have.”
mandela“I have the opportunity to tell somebody something or not tell them… my most favorite is playing a game when we end”10 years old
“Keita’s transformative approach to therapy has lead me to experience life in ways I had previously believed were not possible for me. I have developed a dynamic awareness of how to navigate and release trauma in my body. This process has brought a sense of spaciousness into my life. Keita compassionately challenges me to empower myself.”  
“I love that you offer this (online sessions)!  There is no other way I could have worked with you. My schedule is busy enough having to travel for work, from work, and back home. Not having to go to another appointment is perfect for me.”[Confidentail]
“Love how you were able to make me feel comfortable opening up and you’re approach to therapy. I was able to find clarity after a few appointments with you and move on with my life in a healthier way, Thank you!”
 ~ Francesca, Owner of Kneading Knots, South Portland ME