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We will do most anything to avoid feeling uncomfortable. But what if I told you being with discomfort and becoming curious about it is actually an opportunity to get to know yourself better and to heal what is hurting you internally?

This willingness to face our pain is a key component of Ready, Set, THrive, the program I created by combining my expertise in therapeutic and somatic practices with my own emergence from dis-ease and emotional challenges

Keita A. F. Whitten
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What It's All About

Healing Pathways

From my training, expertise and lived experience, I have created a healing path I call Ready, Set, THrive! This program is different because it not only supports you in clearing out what no longer works for you, it gets to the roots of what blocks your ability to actually THrive. 

THrive is designed to address the specific realities in the lived experiences of ALANA (Asian, Latinx, African, Native American) people- aka POC (People of Color) communities, in addition to working in collaboration within a broader population of people and culture.

I believe you CAN do this. If you haven’t had the ability to do it yet, it’s not because you are lazy or afraid. It’s because you are conflicted and protective and have not yet been offered the right tools.