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With modern conveniences like teletherapy, Keita is able to work with you in any setting, location, state or country. This is life-changing work at the 600 level offering comprehensive results. The question is, are you ready? 

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Healing Trauma, Grief, Loss, and ACEs


Keita is a graduate of the Somatic Experiencing (SE) Trauma Inst. with over 300+hrs in trauma-specific training based on the life work of Peter Lavine. With an SE approach, the story of how or why is less significant. Healing is unpacking the experience gently, at your pace. You will learn about the gifts of the emotional body (embodied memories), how it operates, stores pain and its wisdom and desire to heal. You will also learn about the soul’s desire to create wellness. There is no rush in the healing process. Sessions are designed to slow life way down in support of your self-recovery as it unfolds gracefully.

Maine ripples“Keita’s transformative approach to therapy has lead me to experience life in ways I had previously believed were not possible for me. I have developed a dynamic awareness of how to navigate and release trauma in my body. This process has brought a sense of spaciousness into my life. Keita compassionately challenges me to empower myself.”  SK, client


Part II: Conscious Identity Development (CID): A Renewal of the HeartMaine path 2

CID helps people with histories of adversities and ACE’s rewrite their narrative and reclaim a life that is heart-centered. With a trauma-informed life coach, the question becomes who are you now that you have worked through your adversities?

“Keita is a deep healer and a powerful guide. She weaves a rare web of support, nurture, and empowerment that works its subtle magic at every level. Consulting Keita in her beautiful, comforting haven, I found nature, spirit, mind, body, will, and heart aligning to center me on my true path.”
~Annie Finch, Poet, Teacher, and Writer

Consultations & Drop-in Support 


            Its Time to Thrive!

Keita consults with individuals, family members, clinical students, foster parents, and professionals.

Do you have questions about trauma? Feel helpless watching a loved one go through a rough patch? Ever feel confused, stuck like you could use a different perspective but do not know where to turn? Are you experiencing a significant life transition? Or maybe you are already working with a therapist and just want some additional support.

Please note: This is not a crisis intervention. If you feel you are having a mental health crisis, please contact your local crisis hotline or call 911


*Nervous System Alignments
Nervous System Alignments image

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Chronic stress becomes embedded and is taxing on the entire nervous system including autoimmune systems. With table, chair or floor, Keita is able to integrate the principles of Somatic Touch with Restorative Yoga to support parasympathetic engagement, the body’s ability to activate rest and balance (homeostasis).



Placeholder ImageSlow It Down: A Heart Centerd Approach to Effective Dialogues. 

Within our current political and social climate, we watch and can feel helpless as we witness the daily deterioration of our humanity as we see growing levels of open disrespect, intolerance, and compassion fatigue.  Today,  private conversations are now public. More and more people turn to social media, tweets and sound bites which capitalizes on tensions and short attention spans and fuels fears, reactivity, indifference, hate speech, and bullying. The inability to talk face to face seems to be a lost art and is a growing concern.  There was a time when neighbors, friends, and families took the time to stop- in and visit with each other for a while- aka talk. Unfortunately for the Millennium generation, many have not been able to acquire the necessary skills to dialogue in person. As a society in general, we seem to have lost the capacity to listen. Instead, we react and project. Somatic Dialogue Workshops are designed to introduce vital skills of communication-based on SE techniques designed to support awareness, self-regulation and the ability to develop the capacity to navigate conflict within civic discourse. 

To learn how to bring this workshop- or workshops on Trauma- to your organization or group. Please contact Keita A Whitten LCSW