Healing Historic Racial Trauma & Adverse Experiences


We will do most anything to avoid feeling uncomfortable. But what if I told you discomfort with curiosity is actually an opportunity to get to know yourself better and to heal what no longer serves you.

Keita A. F. Whitten

What It's All About

Healing Pathways

Hello, wonderful! You are not complicated, broken, defective, or damaged goods. You are protective- something has happened to you; there is a difference. What if you could recall the day you learned to play small or when you decided to clip your wings to fit in. What if I told you the “shame body” is what keeps you stuck in pain, fear, trauma, and adversities.


In the Americas, healing is political- this is especially true for Afro-Indigenous Black and Brown female bodies of culture. After finally being able to build a traditional private practice (Redefining Therapy, LLC) as a psychotherapist, it wasn’t too long before I began to feel increasingly restless and frustrated. I was tired of trying to help people using antiquated practices within flawed systems of healthcare and insurance governed by structural racism, sexism, and classism. Institutional ills have created the policies and procedures that are foundational in the fields of psychiatry (APA) and medicine (AMA)- including social work and social work education (NASW). These institutions continue to discriminate, harm, ignore and eliminate Black, Brown, and indigenous bodies of culture as clients, patients, and practitioners. Ready, Set, THrive! is not therapy. I developed specific healing pathways to address historical and ancestral legacies of racial, religious, and class oppression, trauma, and adversities. I understand race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, class, spirituality, and culture are not binary or static. These are fluid expressions of identity and lived experiences.


My work is national and international. I work with all bodies of cultures. When an individual heeds the impulse to embrace the need to heal their life, it creates a collective will to heal and THrive together communally- in balance with our environment, ancestors, and sentient beings. 


 Ready, Set, THrive! is a somatic expression of liberation designed to help you recall your body’s natural healing process and soul wisdom. I call this practice “self-actualized” embodiment. Embodied self-actualization is a balanced lifestyle based on listening to the knowledge of your body’s wisdom as energetic frequencies, acts of grace and compassion, self-love and self-care, and spiritual maturation with the Creator and your soul’s purpose. Healing, therefore, is an active process of embodied resistance, reframing, and reclaiming. 


Therapy can never be healing or therapeutic until interventions can effectively address toxic racial stress or internalized racial/class oppression without pathologizing the people affected by the acts of institutional poverty, racial terrorism, experimentation, colonization, slavery, and genocide. 


The practice and teaching that govern institutes of medicine, psychiatry, social work, psychology, education, law, clergy, and religion are politically biased based on elite white supremacist ideologies and their behaviors. The historical implications of these practices have created intergenerational trauma. We call this harm “Sustos” -wounds of the soul. Sustos are the dirty embedded pain of racial and class oppression, terrorism, genocide, war and torture, colonization, imperialism, experimentation, and intergenerational grief. Today Sustos play out, affecting all bodies of cultures and their interrelations while also marginalizing, stereotyping, and misrepresenting the needs and best interests of African, Indigenous, Latina, Asian, & BiPOC -brown bodies worldwide.